Whitefish Bay Real Estate Information

Whitefish Bay is a medium sized community situated in the southeastern portion of the state of Wisconsin. Whitefish Bay has a population of approximately thirteen thousand five hundred residents, and is technically considered a village of the state of Wisconsin. Whitefish Bay encompasses a total area of approximately two and one tenths square miles, although there are no substantial standing bodies of water included in that total. Because of its relatively small physical size and comparatively high population size, Whitefish Bay has a considerable population density, coming out to over six and a thousand persons per square mile. Whitefish Bay is a highly prestigious suburban community with a very high per capita median income, which helps to explain the relative racial and socioeconomic homogeneity of the village.

Whitefish Bay has been a residential area for literally thousands of years, which is when the first Native Americans began to settle this particular portion of Wisconsin. Non-Native Americans first settled the area which is now considered Whitefish Bay during the eighteenth century, although permanent settlements did not arrive until about a hundred years later. The early economy was heavily based on fishing and farming, however this has since changed to focus on vacation and residential endeavours. One of the founding fathers of Whitefish Bay was Captain Frederick Pabst, who invested a considerable amount of money to develop the region into a resort. Whitefish Bay grew considerably at three points during the twentieth century, although it has since decreased from its peak.

The educational needs of Whitefish Bay are met by a number of private and public institutions, both on the primary and secondary levels. The primary conglomerate of schools is the Whitefish Bay School District, which includes Whitefish Bay High School, Whitefish Bay Middle School, Cumberland Elementary School, Richards Elementary School, and Lydeell School, although there are also two Catholic schools. Notable residents of Whitefish Bay throughout the year include Mike Schneck, Kristen Johnston, and Craig Counsell. Points of interest in and around Whitefish Bay include the Shorewood Hubbard Park, the Fox Bay Cinema Grill, Bradford Beach Park, and Lake Park Golf Course.