Wauwatosa Real Estate Information

Wauwatosa is a relatively large suburban community found in the southeastern section of the state of Wisconsin. Wauwatosa has a population of approximately forty four thousand eight hundred residents, and is technically considered an incorporated city. Wauwatosa is located to the west of Milwaukee, placing it well within the suburban boundaries of the city and ensuring outstanding convenience to residents and visitors alike. Wauwatosa takes its name from a local Native American term for firefly, and is found along the Menomonee River. Wauwatosa includes a total area of approximately thirteen and one fifth square miles, including about a mile and a half square miles of surface water. Wauwatosa is currently governed by Mayor Jill Didier, and was originally considered a village.

Wauwatosa was originally inhabited by Native Americans of the Potawatomi tribe, who resided in the Menomonee River Valley. American settlers began to arrive in the year eighteen thirty five, and started to grow substantially after the construction of a major road bisecting the community. Wauwatosa was officially incorporated in the year eighteen forty, changing from a village to a township. Wauwatosa was reincorporated in the year eighteen ninety seven as a city, and grew in the middle of the twentieth century thanks to the annexation of a considerable amount of land. Recently, Wauwatosa has become a suburban community thanks to the continued growth of the adjacent city of Milwaukee, meaning that there are plenty of homes and relatively few businesses in the community.

Some notable residents of Wauwatosa throughout the years include politicians Leah Vukmir and Glenn Davis, basketball players Devin Harris, Jerry Smith, and Tony Smith, and actor Brad Rowe. The educational needs of Wauwatosa are met primarily by the Wauwatosa School District, which encompasses Wauwatosa West and East High Schools, Whitman and Longfellow Middle Schools, and nine elementary schools. Some attractions in and around Wauwatosa include the Underwood Gallery, the Milwaukee County Zoo, and the Irish Fest Center. Recreational sites in the general vicinity of Wauwatosa include the Wauwatosa Hart Park Senior Center, Wauwatosa Hart Park, and a number of smaller neighborhood parks.