River Hills Real Estate Information

River Hills is a very small and highly selective community found in the southeastern section of the state of Wisconsin. River Hills has a population of approximately one thousand six hundred residents, many of whom are individuals of considerable means. River Hills has the highest per capita income of any other community in the entire state of Wisconsin, peaking at nearly ninety five thousand dollars per person, at least as of the census taken in the year two thousand. River Hills has enacted a number of laws and statutes to maintain the elite aura of the village, the most notable of which is the village charter banning commercial and industrial structures in River Hills. River Hills has some of the most expensive houses in the state of Wisconsin, with the average home price hovering slightly below eight hundred thousand dollars.

The full range of housing prices is from about five hundred thousand dollars to four million dollars, meaning that only the very-well off can afford to live comfortably here. River Hills covers a geographic area of about five and one third square miles, including about one fifth of a square mile of standing surface water. River Hills is considered a part of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area, meaning that residents of the prestigious community of River Hills can enjoy both a relaxing getaway from the city and the urban conveniences of Milwaukee at the same time. River Hills has a population density of about three hundred persons per square mile, and is more demographically diverse than many surrounding communities.

River Hills is home to a number of religious institutions in addition to recreational facilities, which include the River Tennis Club, the Milwaukee Country Club, and the Bradley Sculpture Gardens. The educational needs of River Hills are met primarily by the Glendale-River Hills School District and the Maple Dale-Indian Hills School District, although there are also a number of nearby private schools and universities. Points of interest in and around River Hills include the Brown Deer Park Golf Course, Havenwoods State Forest, Uihlein Soccer Park, and the Shorewood Hubbard Park.