Glendale Real Estate Information

Glendale is a medium sized community situated in the southeastern portion of the state of Wisconsin. Glendale has a population of approximately thirteen thousand four hundred residents, and is technically considered a city. Glendale is located in Milwaukee County, which is the most heavily populated and arguably most important county in Wisconsin. Glendale encompasses a total area of almost exactly six square miles, including about one fifth of a square mile of water. Glendale is found at an elevation of approximately six hundred and fifty feet, and has a population density of a little under two and a third thousand residents per square mile. Glendale is an upper middle class community, leading to a relatively homogeneous socioeconomic and racial composition.

The area which is now considered Glendale was originally inhabited by Native Americans, as was the vast majority of the state of Wisconsin and the United States at large. Non-Native Americans first began to settle and explore the region around modern day Milwaukee in the eighteenth century, as the ideals of Manifest Destiny began to force the borders of the nation westward. Glendale itself did not come into existence until well after much of the surrounding area was settled, around the middle portion of the twentieth century. Glendale has a considerable amount of commercial and industrial buildings, although the majority of the community is still residential. Glendale has recently undergone something of a cultural and social revival, as evidenced by a number of new buildings and renovation campaigns.

The location of Glendale in the midst of the metropolitan area of Milwaukee means that there are a number of educational institutions found quite close to the urban center. Some of these private and public schools include Richard's School, Whitefish Bay Middle School, Saint Monica School, Garden Homes Elementary School, and Whitefish Bay High School. Recreational points of interest in and around Glendale include the Havenwoods State Forest, the Brown Deer Park Golf Course, and the Fox Bay Cinema Grill. Other attractions include Heidelberg Park, Shorewood Hubbard Park, Sherman Park, and Camp Helen Brachman. There are a number of other notable things to see and do in the nearby major city of Milwaukee, just a short drive away.