Brown Deer Real Estate Information

Brown Deer is a medium sized community found in the southeastern section of the state of Wisconsin. Brown Deer has a population of approximately twelve thousand two hundred residents, and is technically considered a village of Wisconsin. Brown Deer is located in the heavily populated and rather large county of Milwaukee. Brown Deer includes a total area of approximately four and a half square miles, although there are not any substantial bodies of water within the city limits. Brown Deer is a middle class community based on the year two thousand census figures on per capita income, and is slightly more diverse than the surrounding communities of Milwaukee County. Brown Deer is found near the Milwaukee County line, and is located at an elevation of about seven hundred feet above sea level.

Educational opportunities in Brown Deer are met by a number of public and private institutions in both Brown Deer itself and in surrounding communities. The three public schools found in Brown Deer are Brown Deer High School, Brown Deer Middle School, and Dean Elementary School, and the colleges and universities of Milwaukee are just a brief drive away. Recreational sites and parks in and around Brown Deer include the appropriately named Brown Deer Village Park, Kletzch Park, Havenwoods State Park, Lincoln Park, and Schoenecker Park. Other nearby attractions include the Brown Deer Park Golf Course, the Brown Deer Village Pond, and Uihlein Soccer Park.

The first settlers to arrive in the area which is now considered Brown Deer were Americans, shortly followed by immigrants from Ireland and Germany. The original inhabitants of Brown Deer were of course Native Americans of various tribes, although their influence waned considerably in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Brown Deer began its first wave of settlement in the year eighteen thirty five, and was considered a part of Granville until it officially separated from the town and officially incorporated as a village in the year nineteen fifty three. Brown Deer is located within the metropolitan area of Milwaukee as one of its suburbs, meaning that the urban attractions of the largest city in Wisconsin is only a short drive away.