Bayside Real Estate Information

Bayside is a relatively small community found in the southeastern portion of the state of Wisconsin. Bayside has a population of approximately four thousand five hundred residents, assuming that the figures recorded during the two thousand census are largely unchanged. Bayside is technically considered a village of the state of Wisconsin, and straddles the county line between Milwaukee County and Ozaukee County. Bayside encompasses a total area of just less than two and a half square miles, although the village does not have any bodies of water. Only a small percentage of the land in Bayside is found in Ozaukee County, meaning that most of the village is located in Milwaukee County, the most heavily populated county in the state of Wisconsin.

The original inhabitants of Bayside were, not surprisingly, Native Americans, specifically those of the Potowotamic Indian Tribe. They were responsible not just for the initial settlement of the region but also for landmarks such as the Sauk Indian Trail. The influence of Native Americans began to decline after the influx of European and American settlers, leading to the departure of the last Indians in the middle of the nineteenth century. Bayside itself had its beginnings in the middle of the twentieth century, when a number of residents of Milwaukee decided to secede from that city. Bayside was officially incorporated as a village in the year nineteen fifty three, and added another portion of land five years later.

Bayside is almost entirely a residential community, with more than three quarters of the village zoned as such. There are literally no factories or industrial sites in Bayside, and there are more than two hundred acres of a nature reserve. The educational needs of Bayside are met primarily by two public school districts, the Fox Point-Bayside School District and the Maple Dale-Indian Hill School District. Points of interest in and around Bayside include the North Shore Cinema, the Frank Allen Gallery, the Ozaukee Country Club, Virmond Park, Doctors Park, and Heidelberg Park. There are also numerous other attractions and activities of the urban variety found in the nearby large city of Milwaukee.