Milwaukee County Real Estate

Milwaukee County is a relatively heavily populated county found in the southeastern portion of the state of Wisconsin. Milwaukee County has a population of approximately nine hundred fifty three thousand residents as of the year two thousand eight, a substantial increase since the last census was taken in the year two thousand. At that point, the recorded population of the area was nine hundred and forty thousand residents, meaning that Milwaukee County gained more than thirteen thousand residents in the last eight years. The county seat of Milwaukee County is, not surprisingly, Milwaukee, which is by far the most heavily populated and important community in the county and arguably the state. Milwaukee County covers a total area of approximately one thousand one hundred ninety square miles, which interestingly is mostly water (nine hundred and forty eight square miles).

Milwaukee County borders a plethora of other counties, including two maritime borders with counties in the state of Michigan. Milwaukee County borders Muskegon and Ottawa Counties of Michigan to the east, Racine County to the south, Ozaukee County to the north, Washington County to the northwest, and Waukesha County to the west. Milwaukee County was officially founded in the year eighteen thirty four, although settlements and trading posts were found in the area for decades prior. Milwaukee County is currently governed by County Executive Scott Walker in addition to a Board of Supervisors and the Milwaukee County Board. Although a number of interstates and state highways run throughout Milwaukee County, public transit opportunities are provided by the Milwaukee County Transit System.

Milwaukee County is home to the largest school district in the state of Wisconsin and one of the largest in the entire United States, the Milwaukee Public Schools. This district serves more than ninety thousand students in two hundred and twenty three separate schools. There are also dozens of private schools in Milwaukee County, while the primary institutions of higher education include Carroll College, Marquette University, and Mount Mary College. Points of interest in Milwaukee County include the Milwaukee County Zoo, the Milwaukee Public Museum, the Mitchell Park Domes, and the Milwaukee Art Museum.